Queen Elizabeth II Opens MediaCity:UK

Queen Elizabeth II at MediaCity:UK

Friday saw Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh visit MediaCity:UK in Salford to officially open it, as well as BBC North. After a tour of the studio facilities and a visit to BBC North’s Quay House to see some of Research & Development’s current projects, she also presided over the start of the MediaCity:UK 2012 Sport Relief Mile.

The Queen meets the Crowd

As The Queen left The Studios to meet the gathered crowds, I managed to get a few shots from the 2nd floor window of our office, with my Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM lens. They didn’t come out too great, possibly due to shooting through dirty glass. After this, those of us taking part in the fun run headed down to the start line and awaited The Queen, who started the race. As I ran past I got a few (blurry) close shots with my compact camera, a Canon S95.

The Queen starts the 2012 Sport Relief Mile

IMG_1350 IMG_1360 IMG_1381