Dove Stone Reservoir

Yeoman Hey Reservoir

I woke up this morning and Tweeted “What to do today?”. I decided I would sit down and sort out some of the backlog of photos on my hard drive. Then it started snowing. Then it started snowing even heavier. So I decided to head for the hills — probably not terribly wise when the car is due a service. I was going to head to Saddleworth Moor, but the visibility was really poor, so I wasn’t going to get any beautiful fresh snow landscapes. A quick survey of my OS map had me heading for lower ground at Dove Stone Reservoir. (The above image is actually looking north from the weir to Yeoman Hey Reservoir).

IMG_0395 IMG_0400 IMG_0397 IMG_0405

I had a little wander around the reservoir and over the weir, getting very hot as I had worn too many layers — and by carrying a camera bag full of gear I had nowhere to carry the excess clothing but on my back! The wind had picked up at the reservoir and the snow felt more like millions of tiny shards of ice piercing my face. Eventually, concerned that the roads would be getting worse, I decided against doing a full loop and headed home. I’ll definitely be back to explore further, as it was a lovely place.